National CFAR CAB Coalition


National CFAR CAB Coalition


The CODE Office serves in the National CFAR CAB Coalition, which represents CFAR Community Advisory Boards as a national group of key stakeholders in HIV research and provides resources and guidance to CFARs on community engagement. The NCCC serves as a resource for the creation, development and sustainability of CFAR Community Advisory Boards.

With 60+ members from 16 CFARs across the country, the National CFAR CAB Coalition is a lively and active body that pursues its mission through four primary working groups: Mission & Operations; Community Engagement; Mentorship and CAB Development; and SBSRN.




Share community ideas and concerns at national CFAR meetings


Encourage the establishment and maintenance of active CABs at all CFARs


Provide community centered feedback and consultation regarding future Cross CFAR Initiatives


Provide expertise on community ideas to RFA development of CFAR grants (i.e. Developmental Awards, New Investigator Awards, etc)


Centralize services and resources for individual CFAR CABs

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Hosted three successful Cross-CFAR national meetings with representation from 65 delegates of 17 existing CFAR CABs

Conducted education, training and assessments of 6 CFAR CABs

Two community derived presentations at National CFAR SBSRN meetings (2013, 2014)

Developed CFAR CAB Mentoring Toolkit

Provided protocol review training for 15 CFAR CABs (2011)



Community Response to Addressing Disparities in HIV Research Webinar

Technical assistance to CABs integrated across CTU networks

Development of CAB Effectiveness Tool

Development of NCCC website

Host annual National CFAR CAB Meeting at University of Washington in line with CFAR Director’s Meeting


If you are a member of a CFAR Community Advisory Board and interested in joining the National CFAR CAB Coalition, please contact Madison Hayes: