Social Media for Dissemination

Social Media Poster

Poster presentation Social Media as a Dissemination Platform to Connect Researchers and Community Members


At UNC’s  Inaugural Symposium on Using New Technologies to Enhance Healthy Behaviors the CODE Office presented a poster on the use of social media to connect researchers and communities, from building relationships to information dissemination and research transparencyHere are some tips to optimize the impact of your social media activity!

  • Prioritize posting on Thursdays and Fridays- engagements rates are 18% higher on those days of the week
  • Post content that sparks dialogue and is actionable, such as events, questions, videos and infographics to encourage follower participation
  • Use #hastags and ‘tag’ other organizations to widen your social media audience



Sharing suggestions for increasing reach of research dissemination through social media platforms at the Inaugural Symposium on Using New Technologies to Enhance Health Behaviors